Non-California Resident First Contact Form (Form C)

For non-California residents only, this form should be completed by any student athlete interested in athletics participation at the college.  Please fill out and click on 'submit' button at bottom of the page for follow up by the appropriate staff. Go Falcons!

NOTE: * = Required Field.

Financial Responsibilities/Guidelines

  • Out of State student-athletes must pay non-resident enrollment fees until California residency is established.  Based on criteria established by the State Chancellor's Office, the college office of admissions and records has the authority to change residency status after one year and a day.
  • Student-athletes may apply for: financial aid, loans, and federal work study.

California Community College Recruiting and Subsidization Guidelines 

Colleges can provide information only regarding employment opportunities, matriculation, housing, financial aid, etc.

Colleges may not provide any manner of service or financial assistance to prospects or student-athletes that is not available to all other students.

Any committment by a college representative to provide other financial support not available to the general student population would be a violation of the CCCAA Constitution/Bylaws and if a student-athlete accepts this support they may be declared ineligbile for athletic competition.

General Estimated Costs

Out of state resident cost per semester (based on 12 units)
Fees $52.00
Books $562.00
Housing/Food $8,627.00
Transportation  $499.00
Parking $41.00
Miscellaneous $1,922.00
Tuition  $4,440.00
Total per semester $16,143.00

As a prospective student-athlete, I am officialing declaring my intention to enroll at Folsom Lake College and participate in intercollegiate athletics.  I understand that signing/submitting this form electronically does not obligate me to attend this college.  I certify that I have read this document and fully understand both the guidelines for recruitment and financial commitment associated with my attendance at a California Community College.  I further understand that if I am under 18, that a parent/guardian must either sign this form (hard copy) or submit electronically on my behalf.

* required field